What is a vehicle?

It is an entity or person who, in a specific order, will carry out the stops.

On the Overview - Drivers screen:

  1. Click on "Create Driver".

  2. Select how many drivers you need for your planning.

  3. Please indicate a direction from which drivers will depart.

  4. Also indicate if the direction is circular, that is, if your vehicle has to return to the address from which it left after making your visits.

  5. Assign a work schedule.

  6. Press the upper right button "Create"

If you double click on the created conductors, you can indicate the maximum weight, volume or stops. As well as details of the driver.

You can also create your drivers from an Excel file. On the screen Overview - Drivers - Add new - Upload Excel.

  1. You can download a sample template from this window

  2. Replace with your vehicle information in Excel.

  3. Upload the file again and match the column titles to the SmartMonkey optimizer fields.

  4. Click on "Next" to create your vehicles.

You can find more information on how to create drivers using an Excel file in the following article.

After creating the vehicles, by right-clicking again you will be able to save your vehicles in your database to use them in future planning.

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