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What is a plan and how to create it
What is a plan and how to create it

Everything you need to know to start creating your planning

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What is a Plan?

A plan is a set of stops to be made, such as deliveries, collections, or visits in a given time interval. These stops must be assigned to a plan.

Create a new plan

After you have clicked Create a new plan, the Overview Panel will appear. In it, you will find two options:

Create drivers

A driver is that person who, in a certain order, will carry out the stops.

You can create one or more drivers with the specific information you need. It will allow you to establish the start and endpoint of the plan if the vehicles's route is circular (if the start and end of the itinerary begins and ends at the same place) and the start and end time of the service.

You have three ways to create drivers: from scratch inside the Assets page, from scratch inside a plan or through an Excel file on the Assets page.

Create stops

A stop refers to the final section of the process. It is the specific geographical point where the action to be carried out is carried out, such as delivery and logistics, services, or personnel transport, among others.

At this point, you will have several options, to facilitate the creation of your plan. You can create your stop from 0, indicating the name of the stop and the exact location. You can also create your stop from your Client portfolio, indicating in the search engine the name of your clients. Besides, you can also upload your own Excel file with the file of your stops (you will find our template of stops already created).

Both in Drivers and Stops you can see in detail (see details or by double-clicking) and indicate all the information you need for your planning.

Once drivers and plan has been created, you will have at your disposal the possibility of Modifying the restrictions of several services and plans at the same time with the option Edit restrictions.

Optimize your plan

Once you have created a plan and the necessary stops, the Optimize plan button will appear in the upper right corner.
In just a few seconds, the plan will be optimized and you will be able to see your itinerary on the generated map.

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