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User types and how to create them for the same project 👥
User types and how to create them for the same project 👥

Learn how to use multiple users for the same project

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Within your same organization and having a Gorilla or Kong license, SmartMonkey Planner you allows you to have several users and projects at the same time.

How to create users

In the left sidebar, click Project Settings. Then in Project users and, finally, in Create user (in the upper right). In this section, you can generate as many users as you need.

User types for your organization

You will be able to have all the users that you require in your organization and each one of them with the different roles that you need to assign. In this case, the roles that you can assign will be 3:

Administrator: With this figure you can edit the profile, projects and users of the organization, as well as you can modify the billing information. You will also have all the Manager permissions.

Manager: Create and edit projects, vehicles, clients and all User permissions.

User: Create and edit plans in an assigned project.

To select which of these 3 profiles best suit each of your users, you can access as follows:

In the left sidebar, at the very bottom, click Profile. Then in Settings and, finally, in Users.

Project users

Once you have created your projects and the different users who participate in each of them, you will also have the option to select which profile you want them to have in their assigned projects. Currently, there are 2 types of profiles:

Project Manager: Create and edit users, create vehicles and customers in addition to all User permissions.

User: Create, optimize and edit plans in the project.

To be able to select which of these 2 profiles best suit each of your projects, you can access as follows:

In the left sidebar, at the bottom, click Settings. Then in Project users. Next, the project members will appear: all you have to do is use the drop-down that appears on the right side of the name and select the role that best suits you.

What is this functionality useful for?

With this functionality, you will have several types of levels of access to information. As an organization you can have many projects and users. However, with this option you will have the possibility to assign users to specific projects.

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