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Route planning through Polygons
Route planning through Polygons

Learn to optimize your routes by zones or polygons

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Step by step to create plans through zones or polygons:

  1. Create the vehicle or vehicles that we are going to use in this planning. Next, we put the starting point of the plan, a work schedule and we click Create.

  2. Enter the information of the stops to be visited from the Excel file that we already have prepared. Once loaded, we click Next and then Create.

  3. All the points that we are going to visit will have been created automatically.

  4. We select the polygon icon, which will allow us to generate a geometric shape on the map and thus select the stops that we want to be inside.

  5. At this time, the stops that remain inside will be selected.

  6. A drop-down menu will appear at the top of the screen. By clicking, we can assign to a vehicle. We select the route that we want to assign and click on Assing Stops.

  7. Now that the stops are already assigned to the vehicle, you will only have to right-click on the vehicle that we want to optimize and click on reoptimize plan. In this way, the routes will be arranged in an orderly manner.

Similarly, we can also select the rectangle icon. If we create a figure on the map using this icon, we can also assign these other stops to another vehicle and, in the same way, right-click and reoptimize the plan.

If we would like to optimize the other stops but we want these two routes to not undergo any type of change, by right-clicking we also have the option to block a particular route. Later, we could also edit them to make the changes we need (to make any changes it will be necessary to unblock the route).

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