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Create stops using an Excel file
Create stops using an Excel file

We show you how to create or modify your file so that you can incorporate your stops correctly

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If you use an Excel file to record the stops or deliveries of your planning, take into account the advice that we leave you below so that the file is compatible and your optimal optimization.

How to create stops using an Excel file

  • Put all the information in Excel Sheet 1

  • Organize the information by columns and give them a title in the first row. You can give a name to the delivery service, which may well be the name of the company or person who is going to receive it.

  • Write your address very well; this must include: street name, number, postal code, city and country. For example: Carrer de la Marina, 19, 08005 Barcelona (Barcelona), Spain.

  • Address 2 can refer to all the additional information you need at your address, such as the door number

  • You can also add comments, such as "leave in the mailbox", example.

  • The reception hours will be the hours in which the client will be available to receive the service.

All this information will then be related to the optimizer: the name field with the field of your name file as well, for example.
Tip: to make sure that each field is correctly designated, a green check will appear next to it.

To continue, you must click on Next and if all the addresses have been written correctly, click on the Create button.

Planner will notify you if any addresses have been entered incorrectly by displaying a "warning" sign next to them as is shown bellow:

Remember that if you have questions, you can download an example file or contact our support team at any time by chat.

You can also create stops from scratch. You can find more information about creating stops from scratch in the following article.

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