Customers are all those people or organizations towards which the actions of your planning (stops) are directed; They are the main recipients of the good, service or product that you offer.

How to create stops - customers

On the Overview - Stops - Create from the scratch screen:

  1. Name your stops.

  2. Write the address as detailed as possible, including street name, number, postal code, city and country, etc. For example: Carrer de la Marina, 19, 08005 Barcelona (Barcelona), Spain.

  3. Double click on the stops to edit restrictions on hours, weight, volume, reference person, telephone number, comments and more details.

You can also upload an Excel file with the list of stops or deliveries. On the screen Overview - Stops - Add new - Upload Excel.

  1. Download the sample Excel template.

  2. Replace the data with your information. Remember to write the addresses as detailed as possible and also remember that the complement of addresses will go in a separate column (for example door, floor and building).

  3. Add additional information such as visit time, merchandise weight, reference person, telephone number, comments, etc.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Once created you can double click on the stops in case you have to make information changes or restrictions manually.

You can find more information regarding the creation of stops using Excel in the following article.

Once created, right-click to save your clients in your database to use them in future planning.

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