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Geocoding Add-on for Google Sheets
Geocoding Add-on for Google Sheets

How to get coorinates for every address in your spreadsheet

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Geocoding is the task of transforming addresses into GPS coordinates. For Planner we suggest using coordinates to upload the stops.

You can improve geocoding in an easy and fast way by downloading our Geocoding by Smartmonkey add-on for Google Sheets.

First of all, your addresses should be complete in your spreadsheet. Example:

Australia: Macquarie St, 6 Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Brasil: Rua Barão de Iguape, 681 - Liberdade, São Paulo - SP, 01507-001, Brasil

USA: 895, 29 Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121, United States

In Google Sheets go to Add-ons menu and search for Geocoding by Smartmonkey. Clic on Install and then Continue. Once installed, copy your addresses and paste them in the first column. Type the country code in the second column (For example ES for Spain, BE for Beligium, CA for Canada). Clic in Add-Ons menu, then clic in Geocoding by Smartmonkey, and then Geocode.

It will automatically show you the coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) for each address in the third column and then in the fourth column you will see the confirmation of the address found.

You can now copy all the coordinates and paste them in your spreadsheet before uploading them to Planner.

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