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How to use the provide and require fields
How to use the provide and require fields

If your stops need to be assigned to a vehicle with certain characteristics, use provides and requires

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The Provide and Require fields will be very useful in the planning and subsequent optimization of your daily plans, since thanks to these two elements, you will be able to assign specific vehicles according to the needs of the stops available to you.

For example, if you have a refrigeration vehicle, you can take it into account in the optimizer, so that said vehicle only has the duly associated stops assigned, those that require deliveries of cold materials.

How to include the fields provides and requires in my plan?

  1. Within your planning, and once you have the stops created, select those that require that "extra" or special feature (you can only select one or several at a time with the "Control" button).

  2. Once you have these stops selected, you must right-click and Edit restrictions.

  3. In the Requirements field, you can indicate the requirement of that stop, for example, creating the label "Cold".

  4. Next, we must select the vehicle that can be adjusted to this stop, in this case, a stop that requires a vehicle with refrigerated characteristics. To do this, we select the vehicle in question, double-click, and a box will appear on the right side: there, in the Provide field, we must indicate the same restriction, written the same, "Cold".

The Provide and Require fields can be of great help in many of your planning, for example, if it is a large city. You can include a postal code as provided/required to limit a large truck from making its plan through the city center since the regulations prohibit it.

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