With SmartMonkey Planner you will be able to plan and optimize your routes efficiently and quickly. Thanks to our software you can create all the schedules you need for all those services or deliveries that you have.

SmartMonkey Planner will help you with itinerary editing, logistics and delivery, among other functionalities. Thanks to our software you can not only plan, but you also have other utilities such as the driver's app, direct communication with your customers and even complete and real-time monitoring of each route. The Planner tool is designed for planning the last mile as well as route optimization, aimed at distribution companies, logistics professionals, delivery and last-mile vehicles.

Features: The 3 Pillars of SmartMonkey Planner

  • Plan routes (Planner)

You will be able to plan and optimize your routes in a matter of seconds. You will only have to enter in the software the data of the services or stops to be made together with the data of the vehicles available to make said stops. Once you have your planning created, you can edit the results at any time, to customize the route that best suits your needs. In addition, you will also be able to track the planning in real-time: from the Live tab you will be able to view the status, monitoring and progress of your route.

  • Drivers App (Drivers)

The system offers drivers a web application (no download required) to follow the planned route. This application allows you to mark the status of the route and follow-up (mark services as completed or canceled) in addition to being able to perform delivery tests (you can upload photographs and delivery signature for each service).

  • Communication with customers (Customers)

With our email platform, you can keep your customers informed at all times to notify them of the change in the status of the service (you can notify them by email of the following statuses: Route started, The driver is close to delivery, Stop canceled and Stop completed). In addition, your clients will also have a web application so that they can also follow up in real-time.

What characterizes SmartMonkey Planner as a route optimizer?

Its advantage and main characteristic compared to other similar tools is, above all, its simplicity of use. It is a complex tool, full of functionalities, but put in such a way that anyone, in less than an hour, can learn to use it.

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