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Know the limits and characteristics of your Planner account
Know the limits and characteristics of your Planner account

Discover the features of your Planner account

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From SmartMonkey we offer you up to three types of licenses according to your needs: Monkey, Gorilla and Kong. You can adapt your Planner account to the demands of your company.

Next, we present what are the limitations of Planner accounts so that you know first-hand the characteristics of the platform and everything we can offer you:

All SmartMonkey Planner accounts have a limit of 150 stops per license, that is, a maximum number of 150 stops per vehicle hired.

In addition, you will also have a maximum number of 3,000 clients saved in the Planner database per license hired.

Finally, you should also know that for each vehicle hired in Planner you will have 1,000 available emails in order to communicate with your customers. However, if you need to increase the number of emails you can do so by email, phone call or through our support chat, the sales team will be able to manage your request in a matter of minutes. Visit our article Increase your number of available emails for more information.

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