Within the "Drivers App", the driver will be able to read the barcode belonging to any stop from the application.

The driver will be able to mark as completed the tasks that have barcodes by scanning them from his terminal.

How do barcodes work?

Within a stop, we create one or more tasks and enter all the information: name, barcode and comments.

Once we send the link to the drivers, inside the Drivers, confirm the stop. Next, the usual screen will appear with comments, signatures, images, etc. We click on Scan codes. Now, select the type of code with the drop-down menu (the type of barcode will be stored in the driver's terminal so that you will only have to make this selection the first time.) And bring the code closer to the reader.

It will read the codes automatically: it will go from one barcode to the next one automatically, without the need for us to do anything.

Once the code is read, the task is automatically marked as completed and is circled in green.

Thanks to the barcode reading, the driver will be able to mark the tasks as completed and identify the packages just by scanning them.

To do so, select the type of barcode to read (EAN, ETC) and press OK. You will then pass the scanner over the barcode and the scan is ready.

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