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How to use Unassigned Stops
How to use Unassigned Stops
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Non-assigned stops are all those stops that are not associated with any plan.

The unassigned stops is the space in which the set of unassigned stops that you have in the same project are shown.

You can find them having a Gorilla or Kong license and accessing as follows:

  1. Access the Planner section.

  2. Select Stops.

  3. Select the date range and choose Unassigned from the Select Vehicle filter.

Thanks to this section of unassigned stops you will be able to easily see the total number of unassigned stops that you have, either because they are canceled or incomplete, and thus be able to assign them again to another schedule with the option to move stop.

Move an unassigned stop

  1. To move one to not assigned, you just have to select the specific stop using the checkbox and the Actions box will appear above.

  2. Now, click on Actions and then on "Move to Plan".

  3. Select the plan you want to change the stop to and click Move stops.

Done! Your stops will be assigned to the plan that you have determinated.

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