From Planner you can move a stop from one plan to another whenever you need it.

In what cases can it be useful?

For example, if you have a stop that has been canceled from a previous schedule, you can move it to another existing plan or a new one, instead of having to create it again.

How to move a plan stop

To be able to move a stop from one plan to another, you just have to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Within the planning, select the stop you want to move and click on the three points on the right side

  2. Click move stop

  3. Select the plan to which you want to move it or, if you prefer, move it to the page of unassigned stops (put internal link)

  4. Click move stop

You can also move a stop from the unassigned stops page:

  1. Select the stop you want to move

  2. Click on the "Actions" box

  3. Click move stop

  4. Select the plan you want to move to

  5. Click move stop

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