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How to increase the number of vehicles
How to increase the number of vehicles
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From SmartMonkey we offer you up to three types of licenses according to your needs: Monkey, Gorilla and Kong. In this way, you can adapt your Planner account to the demands of your company. Find out here the limits of our licenses.

If once you have created your account, your operation requires a greater number of vehicles, you can increase it at any time from the Planner platform in these simple steps:

  1. Inside your project go to Drivers

  2. Click on Create vehicles (upper right corner)

  3. Create the vehicles you want and define the name and the additional fields you need (telephone, address and constraints).

  4. To finish, click on Create.

Once created, you will be charged automatically. In the first month you will be charged the prorated portion according to your billing date.

Do you have any doubts? Write us through our support chat, we are here to help you.

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