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Create custom fields at your deliveries
Create custom fields at your deliveries

Adapt your operative with custom fields

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From Planner you can create a multitude of custom fields, all of them adapted to your operation.

If in your operation you need to certify a payment at the time of delivery or have multiple options for canceling a stop, you can create a custom field for each of these needs.

The custom fields that you have created will be reflected in the Drivers App. The moment your drivers complete or cancel a stop, the fields to complete will appear, including those that you have created yourself as custom fields.

How to create custom fields

  1. Enter Planner and go to Project Settings

  2. Click on Drivers Fields

  3. Now click on Stops Completed or Stops Canceled (it will depend on in what situation you need to create those fields, if at the time of completing a stop or when it is canceled).

  4. Click Create custom field and enter the necessary information: label (name), identifier and type (text, numeric, check or multiple options).

  5. Click Create field

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