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Create vehicles in a plan
Create vehicles in a plan
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Create vehicles within a plan

  1. Within the Vehicles option, click on Add Vehicle and Create new

  2. Select the number of vehicles you want to create

  3. Assign a name to each of your vehicles

  4. Add the start and endpoint of the route. Write as much detail as possible the address, including street name, number, postal code, city and country, etc. For example: Carrer de la Marina, 19, 08005 Barcelona (Barcelona), Spain. Indicates if the route is circular (if the starting and starting point are the same).

  5. Add vehicles' working hours

  6. Finally, indicate if necessary, both the volume and the maximum weight of each vehicle.

  7. Click Save

  8. And if you want to add the vehicle to the plan you are working on, you must now click on Add vehicles, select the desired vehicle and click Add

Vehicles created within a plan will be saved in your vehicle data base on the Assets page.

You can also create vehicles on the Assets page, from scratch or by Excel file.

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