SmartMonkey Planner offers drivers a web application (no download required) to keep track of the schedule.

With the Drivers App, drivers can mark the status of the planning and follow up (mark services as completed or cancelled). In addition to being able to carry out proofs of delivery (photographs, comments and delivery signature can be uploaded for each service) and together with barcode scanning.

How the Drivers App works

  • Once drivers have accessed the Drivers App (via the drivers login or link), they will see a summary of the route to be taken with the total number of stops, kilometres and estimated time.

  • At this point it is very important to keep the location activated at all times as well as having the webapp in the foreground.

  • When you click on Start route, the page with all the pending stops will open. To get to your first stop easily, click on the triangle and you will be automatically redirected to Google Maps.

  • Once we are about to complete a stop, we simply click on complete stop and add proof of delivery such as comments, signature and photos if needed.

  • In the case of cancelling a stop, click on cancel stop and select the reason for cancellation.

  • The progress of the route appears at the top of the screen, indicating in green the completed stops and in red the cancelled ones.

  • When the route has been completed, simply click on Finish route.

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