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Routes evaluation by drivers
Routes evaluation by drivers
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With SmartMonkey Planner you can know in detail all aspects of your planning, including the opinion of your drivers regarding their routes. Find out in detail how the route rating by drivers works.

How route rating by drivers works

Your drivers have the possibility to rate each of the routes they have completed. It is important to know that this rating is optional and, therefore, you can enable or disable this option whenever you want. Also, keep in mind that the ratings are per project and, for that reason, for each project you have in Planner, you can have different ratings.

If you decide to enable the route rating, when your drivers finish the route, they will be asked in the same driver app the question "How do you rate the route taken?" with a selectable star rating (1 star terrible to 5 stars, fantastic).

Then, you can also highlight certain aspects of the route based on the previous rating. For example, if the route has been rated as terrible, some aspects will appear by default, and if it has been fantastic, others will appear. Your driver can select one of the comments.

Finally, a last screen will appear where he can add comments.

Now, simply click on Send and the route rating will be generated correctly.

Ratings visualization

The ratings can be viewed in Planner, in the planning, on the Drivers page, you can display as a field the rating of your drivers. To display the rating field, click on the column icon and select Global rating.

Also, you can view the full list of the different satisfaction surveys by accessing to Analytics > Drivers satisfaction.

If you want to know how to activate route rating by your drivers, find out here.

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