Discover all the data about your plans, vehicles and stops in our new Analytics section.

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In our new Analytics tab you can view a summary of the main results that the plataform gives us. In each section you can see in detail specific data. This information is updated in real time.

In the Analytics tab you can see four main titles: Summary, Planner, Drivers and Customers. By clicking in each of them you will see its data.

On the right top corner you can change the data collection date. In the left top corner you can choose the chart format: lineal chart, bar chart, stacked chart or cumulative chart. You can also choose to see all your vehicles data o filter by one or more specific vehicles.

In Drivers and Customers you can see the results of their satisfaction surveys.

You can download all the metrics and data in Excel format by clicking on the Export CSV button.

This information will help you have more visibility over your operations and be able to measure improvements in efficiency.

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