Zones FAQ

Learn to use the Zones correctly.

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Zones are usually a very useful element for many users. Here you have some considerations that we consider important to use Zones correctly.

  • You can assign several zones for the same vehicle or several vehicles for the same zone.

  • Stops within an area will be accessible only to vehicles that you allow. On the contrary, the stops that are outside any zone will be accessible to any vehicle included in that plan.

  • The fact of being inside an area does not make that stop take priority over one that is not. The order of the stops will be determined by the optimizer.

  • Zones work for stops, NOT for roads. If a vehicle is not assigned to a zone, it means that it will not be able to make stops within it, but it will be able to transit through it.

  • In case you are unable to see the zones within your plan, remember to activate them for each plan within its configuration. 

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