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Proof of delivery
Proof of delivery

Learn how to use this function in your daily operations.

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A proof of delivery (POD) is, as the word says, a proof that the delivery has been made. It works as proof to the client and allows us to add signatures, photos and/or comments, among others.

At SmartMonkey we offer you this functionality in a detailed and configurable way, so that you can adapt it to your needs according to the type of operation that you have. We also allow drivers who, by marking the stop as canceled, can leave a record and select the reason why that service was not done.

In addition, you will have a report of all the documentation and you will be able to export them to be able to organize your information as you prefer.

By default, when marking a completed/cancelled stop the driver will see the following screens:

Both are editable so you can adapt them your way and include the fields you need. To know how to do it visit the following article.

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