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Custom fields in Drivers App
Custom fields in Drivers App

Enable, create and configure the customers fields you need.

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SmartMonkey Planner allows you to configure customers fields according to your needs. Thanks to this functionality, you will be able to choose what information you want your drivers to see form the Drivers App when they complete their routes.

How to configure your customer fields:

First of all, you must configure your clientes fields from:
Project settings > Planner fields > Clients.

Here you can enable or disable the ones you need. Also, if you want to add a new field, you can do so by clicking on Create custom field.

How to create custom fields in the Drivers App

On the other hand, to edit the display of the App Drivers, you must go to:
Project Settings > Drivers Fields > Stops.

Also, you can edit the visible fields that your drivers will see when they complete/cancel each stop.
In this case, you should do it from Driver Fields > Stops completed/canceled.

Do you still have doubts? Contact us through our chat. We are here to help! 😉

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