Learn what are depots in Planner and how to use them in your planning.

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With SmartMonkey Planner you can create depots so that your vehicles can load or unload your products and make multiple routes in the same planning.

Within the platform, depots are nothing more than a stop, so they are created in the same way. The only difference is that they have capacities with negative values.

This will allow your vehicles to continue making their routes within the same plan, since they will automatically go to the deposit to unload (or load according to your operations), when necessary.

To consider:

  • Like the stops, each depot can only be visited once.

  • Each deposit represents a visit and for this reason, you will have to create as many as you need, even if they are in the same direction.

  • To define the weight and/or volume of your depots, you must take into account your vehicle with the greatest capacity.
    Example: If in your planning you have a vehicle A with 200kg, a B with 100kg and a C with a maximum weight of 50kg, it is enough for your depots to be -200kg each.

    If your vehicle C visits them, its value will remain at 0, never in negative.

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