We have renewed Planner, updating and improving the design and incorporating some functions that will be very useful for you.

While you'll see a more modern structure overall, the main changes are in the Planner section and once inside your plan.


  • Calendar. Interactive calendar view that allows you to have a more complete view of your plans and, in additon, select different date ranges. You can hide it or make it visible according to your preferences.

  • Plan search. Now you can search your plans according to dates and order them according to the different parameters.

  • Draft plans. We create the In Draft state, which can be used for pre-production testing.

  • Stops section. A complete area where you can work with your stops, whether or not they are assigned to a plan.

  • Zones. Previously you found Zones within the project settings. Now you will find them in the left sidebar, under Stops. In addition, you can enable and disable them within each plan in a much easier way.

Inside your plan

  • Drivers and routes. Once you optimize and within the overview, you will see each driver with their route separately. This replaces the previous setup where, when optimizing, Planner offered drivers on one side and stops on the other. In this new way, we try that each route can be better differentiated.

  • Design. We have renewed the design which has allowed us to increase the visibility of the map. The column with the different sections, the Optimize route and Send to drivers button, can now be found as a horizontal bar above the map.

  • Filters. The filters function allows you to customize the view of your routes.

  • Zones. Previously they were activated from the Plan Settings. You now have more direct access from the Zones button in the lower left corner of the map.

  • Plan configuration. Now divided into 2:
    Plan settings: by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the plan name. From here you can, for example, Export your plan.
    Optimizer settings: Gear to the right of Optimize route. From here you can, for example, enable/disable the option to distribute stops among your drivers.

We are constantly innovating. More news coming soon..

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