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Stops section🚩
Stops section🚩

Learn about the Stops section and everything you can do within it.

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In addition to the Plans section, now within Planner you will have the Stops section. In this area, you will find all the stops you have created and their respective data, whether or not they are assigned to a plan.

What can you do in this section?

  • Search stops: By name, date, zone and vehicle.

  • Export: You can export the results of your searches in an Excel file that will allow you to have greater visibility of your operations.

  • Download reports:Possibility of exporting one or more reports of the stops you need.

  • Unassigned stops: Choosing "unassigned" within Select vehicle filter, you will find the stops that are not included in any plan. From here you can move them to an existing plan or create a new one.

  • Add stops: Using the button located in the upper right corner, you can add stops from scratch, from Clients or using an Excel file.

  • Personalized configuration: You will be able to view the stops in a list or on the map (using the icons in the upper right corner) and, also, choose which data of your stops you want to display.

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