The SmartMonkey Planner Glossary

These are words you’ll commonly see when you use SmartMonkey Planner

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Analytics: a Planner section where you can find Planner, Drivers and Customers metrics and results.

Block route: option to freeze a particular route.

Clients App: service monitoring system focused on clients. With this web app, customers can know the position of the driver or the estimated time of arrival, among others.

Completed (plans): planning completed

Constraints: conditions or real limiting factors that can directly affect our plan.

Customers: users to whom the stops to be made are intended.


Delete route: delete a schedule.

Drivers / Vehicles: entity, vehicle or person who, in a specific order, will carry out the stops.

Edit (plan): tab that allows modification of the already optimized planning.

Edit constraints: functionality that allows modifying the conditions or limitations of the stops or plan.

Emails: an electronic messaging system through which customers can find out the status of the plan (mail platform).
Filters (in the map): select the elements you prefer to display on the map.


Incomplete stops: a stop that consists of several tasks, of which some of them are complete, but others are canceled.

In planning (plans): planning in the creation phase.

In progress (plans): planning in the start or advance phase.


Live tab: a screen that allows you to view the status, monitoring and progress of the plan.


Optimizer settings: adjust the default optimizer parameters to generate schedules that are as close to reality as possible.


Project Members: Users are allowed to manage or administer a Planner project.

Reoptimize plan: optimize a previously optimized plan due to subsequent modifications, for example, reverse order of stops.

Reverse order: modify the order of the stops already optimized.


Save as vehicle: keep driver or vehicle in the Planner (Assets) database for future planning.

Schedules: itineraries or set of stops to be made, such as deliveries, collections or visits, in a given time interval. Said stops or itineraries must be assigned to one or more routes.

SMS: a messaging system through which customers can find out the status of the plan (SMS platform).

Stops: refers to the final section of the process. It is the specific geographical point where the action to be carried out is carried out, such as delivery and logistics, services or personnel transport, among others.

Stop canceled: stop canceled and not finished.

Stop completed: stop completed successfully.

Swap stops: modify the order or assigned driver of stops already optimized.
Supervisors: read-only user to which stops can be assigned for monitoring.

Tasks: different services that belong to the same stop.

Unassigned stops: all those stops or that are not linked to any planning.


Zones: a perimeter on the map that allows you to establish which vehicles can make stops or services within it.

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