Planner sections

Find Planner sections and what you can do in each of them.

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Planner is divided into 5 sections. These are Planner, Drivers, Customers, Analytics and Project settings.

Planner 📅

In this section you can create and edit your schedules. It is divided into Plans, Stops and Zones.

Drivers 🚗

Here you will be able to view and configure everything related to your fleet. In this section you will find your Vehicles, App, Proof of delivery and Surveys.

Customers 👥

Section to configure the communication with your customers, where you will find Notifications, App and Customization (White Label).

Analytics 📈

In this section we will be able to see a summary of the main results provided by the platform. These results are divided into Summary, Planner, Drivers and Customers.

Project settings ⚙️

This section is used for project and optimizer configuration, manage your clients and other settings.

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