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How Pick-up & Deliveries works
How Pick-up & Deliveries works

Learn to use the Pickup & Deliveries functionality easily

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If your operation requires to Pick-up & Deliveries, from SmartMonkey Planner you can optimize your stops efficiently and quickly. Here we explain how in 6 easy steps:

  • First, create your vehicles (or you can also upload them to an Excel file) in the Vehicles section within Assets.

  • Next, you must upload your Excel file with all the stops that you are going to make. It is important that at this point you keep in mind that the Excel file must be segmented into two parts: On the one hand, the pickups (name and with exact address) and, on the other hand, the deliveries (name and exact address). It is important that for both collections and deliveries, the addresses must be written as precisely as possible. Do not forget that all this information must go in a single Excel sheet, as we show you in the following example photo:

  • Once you have all the information uploaded, both about your drivers and the stops, you should check that your columns in the Excel file are related to the Planner fields. Next, a percentage will also appear next to each box; if it is 100% it will mean that the geolocation is optimal.

  • Click Create and you will have all the information of your plan loaded.

  • Now, simply, you must click on the Optimize routes box and you will have your optimal planning. In case you want to review or modify your planning, go to the Edit tab, where you can see the plan in detail as well as being able to see which are the pick-up stops and which are for delivery. You can easily identify the pick-ups with a square.

  • To finish, you will only have to send the link to your vehicles. Click the Send to routes button, located in the upper right corner.

If you doble click on each pick-up you will see its corresponding delivery, as shown in the following image:

Still have questions? Contact us through our chat, we are here to help you 😊.

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