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Create vehicles from Drivers section
Create vehicles from Drivers section
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Vehicles are entities or persons that will carry out the stops in a specific order and are frequently used in our planning.

  1. From the Drivers page, select the Vehicles tab.

  2. Click on Create Vehicle.

  3. Add the number of vehicles you want to create and assign their name.

  4. Add the start and end point of the route. Enter the address in as much detail as possible, including street name, number, zip code, city and country, etc. For example: Carrer de la Marina, 19, 08005 Barcelona (Barcelona), Spain. Indicate if the route is circular (if the starting point and the starting point are the same).

  5. Add the working hours of the vehicles.

  6. Choose their maximum volume and weight.

  7. Finally click on Create.

Important: Many of these points are optional. Use and configure the ones you need taking into account your operation. In any case, you can make modifications at any time by double clicking on the vehicle you need.

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