First of all, you should know that to send the plan link to your drivers via Whatsapp you must include the phone number of each driver.

How to include your drivers' phone number in Planner

You can enter each driver's phone number in Planner in two ways: directly in Planner or via an Excel file.

  • Enter phone number directly in Planner

Once you have created your drivers, in the Overview screen (you can also do this from Drivers), double-click on the driver you want to include the phone number of. This will open the driver's information box. Now, go to the Phone section and enter the contact number. You must include the country code when entering the phone number. For example, in the case of Spain it would be "+34687350317".

  • Entering the telephone number via Excel file

If you add your drivers via Excel file, you can include the phone number from the file itself. In your Excel template, include the phone column. In the phone column, select all boxes and right-click on "cell format", select "text" and click on accept. Next, type in the phone number of each driver including the country prefix number. For example, in the case of Spain it would be "+34687350317".

How to send your plan link via Whatsapp

To send the link to your drivers via Whatsapp, you need to click Send to drivers on the Overview page of your plan.

You will then see the Assign routes to the driver box. Click on the Whatsapp icon and the messaging application will open automatically. Now just click on Continue to chat and once in the conversation Send.

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