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How to activate login access to your drivers
How to activate login access to your drivers
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In SmartMonkey Planner you can create a direct access to your drivers to carry out their assigned routes. Thanks to the driver login, you will avoid having to send them daily routes.

How to activate login access for drivers

In order for drivers to be able to access routes via login, you must first include a telephone number in the vehicle. Once you have an associated phone number, you must assign the route to that vehicle. In this way, when the driver logs in with the phone linked to the vehicle, he will have access to all the routes associated with it.

If you want to know how to associate a phone to a vehicle, find out here.

How to access routes by logging in

  1. The driver must access the link, choose the prefix of the country of operation and enter the telephone number associated with the vehicle. Once done, click on Send.

  2. On the next screen the driver must enter a numerical code that the number associated with the vehicle will receive by SMS message.

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