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How to create tasks using an Excel file
How to create tasks using an Excel file
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Tasks are those activities or services that are part of the same stop. We will use this function to perform more than one activity in the same stop, for example when we have more than one delivery note in the same address.

Once we have enabled and created the necessary fields, the next step is to create the tasks for each of our stops. If you have several, we recommend that you do it using an Excel file, as the process will be faster.

For this file you will need to consider the following 👇:

  • Create a row for each task of each stop.

  • The rows must be linked by the External ID (otherwise another stop will be created).

  • Add the columns of the tasks to map them in Planner.

Here is an example where the stop "Latasia" has 2 tasks and "Montevideo" has 3.

Once you have the information, the last thing to do is to map the fields of the tasks so that they can be created correctly ✅.
⚠️ Remember to associate them by linking the external ID.

Note: If you prefer to create them manually from Planner, visit the following article:

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