Tasks are all those activities or stops that are part of the same stop, regardless of their status (both those in force, to be carried out or completed). These tasks are drop-down and their content is editable (everything except the status, since the status of the task is defined by the dispatcher).

To use the task's functionality you must enable this option in Planner:

  1. Access Project Settings

  2. Now, click on Task.

  3. Enable now

It is important to emphasize that the final report depends on the final sum of the task statuses. For example, an incomplete stop is a stop that consists of three tasks, of which two of them are complete, but there is one that is canceled. In this case, the report will appear as incomplete, since of the three tasks 1 has not been completed. The tasks can be eliminated, thus conditioning the final state of the shutdown.

Tasks can be uploaded from an Excel file or created from scratch. To know in detail how to create a task, click here.

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