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Optimizer settings
Optimizer settings
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The optimizer settings allow you to adjust parameters to generate schedules as close as possible to your actual operations. These settings are:

Optimizer options

  • Optimizer priority: Choose whether you want the optimiser to prioritise minimising distance travelled or time en route.

  • Grouping stpos: Allows you to get routes with more grouped stops.

  • Idle time: Maximum waiting period for your vehicles at a stop.

  • Automatic stop balancing: For the stops in a plan to be distributed among all the vehicles you have added.

  • Balance route times: Enable this item to find routes with similar times for the drivers assigned to your plan.

  • Balance route distances: Enable this itme to find routes with similar distances for the drivers assigned to your plan.

Traffic options

  • Traffic (license with no Add-ons). Allows you to define a speed coefficient to simulate traffic.

  • Transport mode (Add-on).

  • Departure time (Add-on). Defines the departure time for the optimizer to calculate the traffic for that particular moment.

How to edit the settings

  • Modify the default settings of your project. This will mean that your plans will be created with this default configuration. Access from Project Settings > Optimizer.

  • Modify the settings in a plan. You can also change the settings for a specific plan. Inside the plan, click on the gear to the right of the Optimize routes button.

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