With our email platform, you can keep your customers informed at any time. Thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of the system, you will be able to send all the necessary information to monitor the plan in full and real time.

How does the mail platform work?

Within the Communication tab, you will see the options for Messages and Customers App.

Inside Messages and once you click on Emails, the percentage of emails sent will appear, in addition to offering you 4 free and editable templates of communication models that you can maintain with your customers:

Route started: Notify your client when the driver leaves.

Driver is close to delivery/pickup: Notify your customer when the driver has two stops to go.

Stop/Pickup Canceled: Notify your client when the driver marks the stop/pickup as canceled.

Stop/Pickup Completed: Notify your customer when the driver marks the stop/pickup as completed.

Despite the templates, you can also create your personalized messages, since the content is fully customizable. It is allowed to include data such as (label, external ID, comments, etc.) in emails by clicking on this symbol that will appear when you hover over the message.

Besides, you also can obtain and create more email templates. In the Get more e-mails tab (just below the percentage of emails sent), you can speak directly with our support team through chat, who will provide you with all the templates you require.

Also, discover the possibility of direct and real-time communication with your customers with the PickUp & Deliveries.

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