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How to use the Customer Instructions for real-time communication with vehicles.

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Efficient real-time communication is crucial to ensure successful and satisfactory deliveries or services. By using SmartMonkey Planner, you have a valuable feature that allows your customers to communicate directly with your vehicles.

What is the Customer Instructions field?

The Customer Instructions field is a feature we have added to improve communication with your customers. It is designed to allow your customers and end users to communicate directly and quickly with the vehicles responsible for making deliveries or services. By activating this feature, your customers will have a text field available that they can fill in with the information they need. By sending instructions, the planner and driver will receive an alert (🔔).

This method facilitates the coordination and resolution of any issues that may arise during the delivery process.

How to use it

  1. Go to Customers.

  2. Navigate to the App page.

  3. Under Actions, activate the Customer Instructions field.


  • Direct communication: Enable your customers to communicate directly with your delivery vehicles, facilitating problem resolution and real-time coordination.

  • Delivery/service agility: By allowing additional instructions or last-minute updates, potential delays or inconveniences are reduced.

  • Customer satisfaction: The ability to communicate with delivery vehicles increases customer satisfaction by giving them greater control and transparency into the delivery process.

  • Problem resolution: Allows any issues to be addressed immediately, as the vehicle and planner will be notified of any instructions.

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