Plan execution date

Learn how to set and edit the execution date of your plans.

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When you create a plan using SmartMonkey Planner, the plan starts by default on the same day it was created. This means that the creation date and the execution date matches.

However, this configuration is editable so that you can adapt it to your operation, as you can modify the default execution date and also change the execution date of previously created plans.

How to change the default execution date

You will be able to choose whether they are created by default: for the same day (for today) or for the following day (for tomorrow). To set this, you must do it in the following way:

  • Access Project Settings

  • Plans section

  • Define the default execution date from the drop-down list.

This way, every time you create a plan, it will be created for the default day you have defined.

Note: If you want Planner to always ask you for the date when creating a plan, you must activate the option Edit information when creating the plan.

How to change the date of a plan

In any case, no matter what date you have set, you can edit this information later by following the procedure below:

  • Access the plan

  • Click on the 3 dots (right of the name of your plan)

  • Select Plan Settings from the drop-down list

  • Define the Execution Date you want and Save changes to finish.

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