Customers are all those people or organizations towards which the actions of your planning are directed; They are the main recipients of the good, service or product that you offer.

How to create clients

To be able to work with your client portfolio in the planning and optimization of routes, you can do it in 2 simple ways from the Assets page (left sidebar of the screen), Clients and the Create clients drop-down (upper right side).

Excel file:

Upload your Excel file with all the information about your clients (if you don't have an Excel file yet but would like to, download our example file).

Click Create Clients and then Upload Excel.

Create from scratch:

Create your clients from scratch directly in Planner. You will only need to indicate the client's name and full address.

Click Create Clients, and then click Create Client.

You can also save your stops as client from any plan by clicking the 3 dots on the stop and selecting Save as client from the dropdown list. Learn more about it in the following article.

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