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An additional security solution for deliveries.

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Security has always been a primary concern for both suppliers and customers. In order to provide greater protection in the delivery process of orders or services performed, SmartMonkey Planner allows you to incorporate the security PIN.

This pin provides additional verification of the customer's identity and protects against erroneous or fraudulent deliveries. In this way, you not only protect your customers, but also build trust.

How does it work

The system automatically generates a unique security PIN for each stop. You will be able to send this code when sending your communications and it will be also available from the Customers App. Upon receipt of the order, the driver will request it.

Only after the customer provides the correct code, the delivery is completed.

How to activate it

This feature is only available for Gorilla Kong licenses and can be activated in 2 steps:

  1. Enable the PIN field from Drivers > App.

  2. Enable Security PIN for your customers in Customers > App.

Benefits of using the security PIN

  1. Identity verification: The security pin ensures that only the person who placed the order can receive it, preventing misdeliveries or fraudulent deliveries.

  2. Increased security: By adding an additional layer of authentication, the security pin reduces the risks of identity theft and delivery theft.

  3. Customer confidence: By implementing robust security measures, companies demonstrate their commitment to data protection and customer satisfaction, building confidence in their service.

  4. Complaint reduction: By verifying delivery, the chances of disputes over missed or incorrect deliveries are reduced, speeding up problem resolution and improving the customer experience.

What happens if the customer has not received the PIN?

Don't worry, the driver can resend it. To do so, simply click on "Resend security PIN" from the Drivers app and the PIN will be resent.

If the customer still does not receive it, the driver can contact the planner, who will see this information on the right panel of the stop.

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